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Items that will help our seniors be more comfortable
at home during the HOLIDAYS

Suggested items: personal care items, convenience goods, and fun things! Travel size works best
(must be brand new and come in the original commercial packaging – no extra large or economy sizes)

Office Supplies

    • 8×10 White Copy Paper Reams
    • 8×10 Color Copy Paper Reams
    • Black Printer Ink ( HP 950 XL )
    • Color Printer Ink (HP 951)
    • Post-it-notes
    • Scotch Tape
    • Duct Tape
    • Small/Medium/Large Binder Clips
    • Paper Clips
    • Stapler(s)
    • Staples
    • Sharpies (black, red, blue),br>
    • Ball Point Pens
    • Pencils (regular or mechanical)
    • Highlighters (yellow, pink, orange, blue, green)
    • Envelopes
    • File Folders
    • Scissors
    • Notepads (lined paper)

MISC Supplies

    • T-Shirt Bags
    • Trash Bags
    • Ziploc bags
    • Disinfectant wipes (e.g. Clorox Wipes, Lysol Wipes)
    • Gift Card to Office Supply Store (e.g. Staples, Office Depot)
    • Paper Shredder (1)
    • LaserJet Printer (1)
    • Office Chairs (3)
    • Tickets to Local Events (for fundraising/raffling purposes)

For Clients

    • First Aid
    • Kits
    • Baby Wipes
    • Tissues
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Lotion
    • lip balm
    • Socks
    • Slippers (non-skid sole)
    • Blankets
    • Hat/Beanie
    • scarf
    • Snacks (low sugar/sugar free)
    • Bottled water
    • Puzzles
    • Small/Large Print Word Search or Crossword puzzle
    • books
    • Pencils/Pens (small and large grip)

Donate (Fund A Meal)

    • $480 (3 Months)
    • $160 (1 Month)
    • $40 (1 Week)


    • Adopt a route to deliver meals
    • Drivers
    • Meal packing


As you prepare for your holiday shopping please consider Culver Palms Meals on Wheels (CPMOW) as your non-profit of choice at the companies listed below. They will donate to CPMOW a small percentage from your purchase(s) at no additional cost to you. You shop and our seniors are helped. How easy is that?

Register CPMOW as your chosen charity on Amazon Smile and a percentage of each purchase you make through Amazon goes to fight senior hunger. AMAZON.COM/ch/95-2891033
Put your grocery dollars to work! If you have a Ralphs reward card go to ralphs.com
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Community”
      • Under Community, click “Community Contribution”
      • Scroll down and under Participant, select “Enroll Now”
  • CPMOW’s non-profit organization no.is PH614. If you don’t have a Ralphs card or computer call 1(800) 443-4438 and they will be happy to assist you.


Turn your on-line shopping and searching into much-needed donations.Go to www.iGive.com/CPMOW and sign up for free. Our cause ID is 54656. Try their search engine and raise a penny per search. Shop at the 1900 + top-notch online stores. Up to 26% of your purchase at each store is donated to CPMOW. If you are already signed up don’t forget to click on iGIVE when you make your online purchases.

Thank You



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