Winter 2021

Culver Palms Meals on Wheels relies on contributions from the local community to support our homedelivered meals to the elderly and homebound.

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Holiday Food Delivery
Thank You Donors and Volunteers
Client Corner
Year-End Donations
Note from Exec. Director Pam Frieden
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Serving nutritious meals to the community since 1974

delicious holiday cookies for our clients
Free HOT Turkey dinner

Holiday Food Delivery

We have been delivering frozen meals on Mondays, Wednesdays &
Fridays since COVID-19 began. On Thanksgiving, we delivered everyone a Free HOT Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a
Hershey Kiss turkey thanks to donor Julie West.


We had several special extras for clients in December. Volunteer
Heather O’Farrell made and packaged hundreds of delicious holiday
cookies for our clients.

Every client was alsoHoliday gift bag and greeting cards given a holiday gift bag
and greeting card. The gift bags were filled
with items donated by our generous
community. They included items such as
socks, toiletries, large print playing cards,
puzzle books, Kleenex, pencils, pens,
and envelopes. Thank you to PetSmart
who donated stuffed animals for everyone.
The holiday gifts were coordinated
by Pam Frieden, assisted by elves Norma
Abdullah, Julie West, & Suzanne Moller.

Winter 2021


Volunteers Christopher Rose & his Mom, Jacqueline
Volunteers Christopher Rose & his Mom, Jacqueline
Volunteers Rocki Davidson
Volunteers Rocki Davidson
Volunteers Rocki Davidson and Paul Valanis
deliver a special treat to Sandy B.

My name is Christopher Rose, and I am a junior
at New West Charter. What started as part of
the community hours I need to graduate next
year has become a life-changing experience.
Thank you, Meals on Wheels, for giving me
the opportunity to get to know a world outside
the walls of my house, outside the walls of my
bedroom, a world where our elderly
community needs our help; for instilling in me
the love for volunteering now, and once I
become a college student, and for the chance of
doing this with my favorite person in the world:
my mom.

Volunteer Coordinator Dave says…. When you go
grocery shopping, pick up something extra you
think our clients might like and drop it off at
the office!

A big THANK YOU to L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz for his generous donation to our mission.

We are also so excited to have the Northrup Grumman Foundation join the ranks of the many foundations who continue to support us during COVID-19.

THANK YOU to the volunteer Food Packers-Wendy Bohem, Jeanine Haycock, Alyssa Jarnot, Peter Robertson, Alan Sova, Julie West and staff member Suzanne Moller who choose the best meals for our client then bag them for the volunteer drivers to deliver. THANK YOU to Frances Williams for all the beautiful, crocheted scarves.

And a very grateful THANK YOU to all our donor friends who have given so generously to help feed our homebound seniors – THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Culver City Women’s Club


Thank You Culver City Women’s Club and all those involved for their help stuffing envelopes for the Year-End Donation Drive mailing. We were able to raise almost $40,000 from the drive! It was coordinated by board members Bonnie Keady & Cecilia Boskin and Executive Director Pam Frieden.
Norma Abdullah
Sue Beltran
Carol DeSalvo
Yong Elias
Pat Harmon
Judith Harris
Barbara Hartell
Letha Kemper
Debbie Layne
Judy Lohs
Carol Lonero
Katherine & Michael
Suzanne Moller
Norma Moreno
Sandy Pasco
Judith Payne
Cathy & Pat Reid
Myrna Robinson
Maribel Taussig
Bonnie Thomas
Angie Waller
Julie West
Winter 2021


Tribute to Charlie Aragon, a Local Hero

Charlie Aragon was very popular in the Mar Vista community and one of the many favorite clients served at CPMOW. He traveled on his motorized scooter with his oxygen out to get coffee each day. Charlie always had treats for the dogs he met along the way. He was a veteran and worked for 27 years as a lineman for GTE. On Christmas Day, Charlie was outside his apartment on his scooter and saw a female neighbor being harassed by a probable homeless man. Charlie went to her rescue by driving his scooter between them. The man knocked him over and ran away. The EMT’s suggested he go to the ER but fearful of COVID-19 he would not go. His sister Tina cared for him, but his condition declined and tragically he died in the hospital two days later. The community held a candle vigil for him New Year’s Eve and put up a plaque in Charlie’s memory at the corner of Venice and Moore.
Tribute to Charlie Aragon

Client Focus: Bill Hughes

Client Focus: Bill HughesCPMOW Client Bill Hughes has led a very interesting life and
always willing to share a story with our volunteers. Mr. Hughes
was born in 1925 and has lived in Culver City since 1931. Mr.
Hughes served in the US Army and Air Force in World War II,
Korea and Vietnam! He volunteered for duty when asked
during each conflict. During World War II he taught aeronautical
maintenance to Chinese pilots and others. When stationed in
Phoenix, AZ he was a frequent guest of Air Force officer Barry
Goldwater’s home on weekends. Bill’s hobby is flying. He has
four children- one son and three daughters – and all four were in the military and all four are pilots!
After graduating from Hamilton H.S. he never intended to go to college but his interest in aeronautics
led him to a major in chemical physics. During graduate school at UCLA, he was asked to work on a
project to rid the noxious fish odor Peru had in their harbors. He was contacted because he had
worked with the fish odor problem at LA Terminal Island. He was invited to Lima, Peru for 10 days
but stayed 1-1/2 years! The techniques that worked at Terminal Island worked in Peru. He was
treated very well and became friends with high officials. His work had far reaching influence. When
Peru wanted regulations for Clean Air, they asked Bill to draft the legislation. Argentina used Bill’s
work for Peru for their own legislation. When the US was looking to draft the Clean Air Act, they used
Argentina’s bill as a model so Bill is the “Great Grandfather of the Clean Air Act”.

“A big thank you to all at Culver City/Palms Meals on Wheels for your dedication in serving our community. Your volunteers always make my day with their smiles and friendliness.” — Vivienne M.
Pamela Frieden, Executive Director

Note from Executive Director
Pam Frieden

I do not know about you but one thing I know for sure is that I am certainly happy to see 2020 leave! We have socially distanced ourselves, worn masks, and bought lots of hand sanitizers. We have not seen many of our family and friends. Yet, through it all we have kept the ability to reflect on what and who is important in our lives, and it is wonderful that you chose to help Culver Palms Meals on Wheels. Who would have thought that this pandemic would bring to light


Suzanne Moller – Administrative Assistant
David Colitre – Volunteer Coordinator
Marylou Hanna – Bookkeeper

the many serious issues and inequities surrounding the vulnerability of our seniors? I am humbled by what we have accomplished because of everyone’s help this past year. Serving more seniors, subsidizing more seniors, creating monthly food boxes, creating a wellness call program. I want to thank each donor, every foundation, every business, every volunteer, every board member. It has even been an honor to witness my staff’s dedication, innovation, and determination this past year. Our entire CPMOW community has shown the true test of the human spirit and our ability to respond and rise to the occasion no matter how difficult or challenging the tasks may be. With heartfelt thanks I wish you all a very a very happy 2021! Stay strong and stay healthy! And Thank You Thank you!

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