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(Mobile Canteen London)


Today’s Meals on Wheels programs trace their roots back to Great Britain during World War II (1939). During the Blitz, when German planes bombarded English soil people in Britain lost their homes and, subsequently, their ability to cook meals for themselves. The Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defense responded to this emergency by preparing and delivering meals to their disadvantaged neighbors. These women also brought refreshments in canteens to servicemen during World War II. The canteens came to be known as “Meals on Wheels.” Thus, the first organized nutrition program was born.

Our Story

Culver Palms Meals on Wheels

Our story Culver Palms Meals on Wheels (CPMOW) begins with a trip to Europe in 1973. Bea Griffin one of our co-founders and a resident and homeowner in the Palms area for over 32 years, was on vacation in Europe when she met a fellow traveler who shared with her the Meals on Wheels concept. Bea was inspired and she just knew how beneficial it would be to the Culver City -Palms area to have such a program. Bea knew there was a severe lack of basic resources that were accessible to homebound individuals living in the West Los Angeles area. She became inspired by the success of Pasadena’s Meals on Wheels program and she was determined to replicate the program in her own beloved neighborhood. She rallied a steering committee comprised of all interested people and representatives of organizations, and together they created Culver Palms Meals on Wheels. The first meal was delivered on April 1, 1974, and from there we rapidly expanded our weekly client base. We have worked out of the same location Grace Lutheran Church hall since 1974.

Today, CPMOW is on a new front line of keeping our seniors safe and well fed on the westside of Los Angeles.



Culver Palms Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible.
Our Federal Tax ID number is 95-2891033.

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement for Programs and Services
Culver Palms Meals on Wheels , has a policy of non-discrimination in all programs and services. No one shall be excluded on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, veteran and military status or disability unless required by the eligibility guidelines for services.

Donor Privacy Policy
Culver Palms Meals on Wheels does not sell or distribute donor information in any way. You can be assured your information is secured and protected at all times and only used by this agency in processing your donation and supplying you with Culver Palms Meals on Wheels information. Please contact for further information or call (310) 559-0666.