Celebrating 45 Years
Serving Our Community

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Order Meals

Here we explain the process of ordering meals. Why people order meals. Here we can document that too many seniors can not afford our low price rate and that we try with the donations that come in that we try are best to deliver hot meals to those seniors that can afford to pay.
&nbsp Use key phases: “senior meals on wheels” and “meals on wheels menu”


Our extreme need to assists elderly in the community.


Here we praise our volunteers. Here we need to add key phase: volunteer with meals on wheels 

Meet Our Board

Every one of our team members is devoted to deliver healthy hot meals to seniors from Pico Blvd. to LAX

Alison Bossert

Board Chair

Steve Reitzfeld


JoAnna Barnett


Denise Weddle, Corresponding Secretary

Denise Weddle

Corresponding Secretary

Bonnie Keady, Board Member since 2016

Bonnie Keady

Board Member since 2016

Rich Kissel

Board Member since 2018

Morgan Sokol

Board Member since 2019

Gabriel Zacuto

Board Member since 2019