Celebrating 45 Years
Serving Our Community

Pam Frieden

Executive Director

Pam Frieden has worked with Culver Palms Meals on Wheels since 2014 as its Executive Director. She has overseen an increase in volunteer hours by 36%, including individual and corporate volunteerism. Her energies have been focused on expanding fundraising efforts and increasing the number of people being served and nourished by CPMOW. As CPMOW begins to celebrate its 45th anniversary, Pam is looking forward to building upon CPMOW’s infrastructure so that no senior goes hungry in our community.

Alison Bossert

Board Chair

Fields of Expertise:
Special Events / Project Management / Writing, Board Member since 2015

Steve Reitzfeld


Fields of Expertise: Business Planning / Financial Analysis,
Board Member since 2017

JoAnna Barnett


Fields of Expertise: Labor Relations/ Writing / Artistry
Board Member since 2003

Denise Weddle

Corresponding Secretary

Fields of Expertise: Business Operations/ Data Analysis,
Board Member since 2015

Bonnie Keady

Fields of Expertise: Management / Client Services / Operations
Board Member since 2016

Rich Kissel

Board Member since 2018
Realtor, Community * Business Planning

Morgan Sokol

Board Member since 2019
Morgan Sokol oversees the Government Affairs team and efforts across the country, liaisons with cross-functional team members, and crafts policy and political priorities for MedMen.


Suzanne Moller

P/T Program Assistant

Suzanne works closely with all the clients, maintaining their diets and ordering all their meals.

Dave Colitre

P/T Coordinator

Oversees all packing and volunteer operations.


4427 Overland Ave,
Culver City, CA 90230

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Phone: (310) 559 – 0666
Email: mowculverpalms@gmail.com