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Fall 2021

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Celebrating National Senior Citizens’ Day

Celebrating National Senior Citizens DayFriday, August 20, was a busy day at CPMOW. We honored our Senior Citizens by sending home an extra treat for National Senior Citizens Day on Saturday August 21. Albert Vera, owner of Sorrento Italian Market and Culver City Council member, generously donated deli



sandwiches to all our clients.
State Assembly member
Isaac G. Bryan’s Field Representative Michelle Persoff also visited that day. Michelle observed meal packing and went out on a route delivering food to several clients. She had a nice visit with Arthur and Ernestine Reed in their home.

Photos TOP: Board member Julie West & Albert Vera. MIDDLE: Arthur & Ernestine Reed with Michelle Persoff RIGHT: Volunteer Wendy Boehm, Michelle Persoff, Executive Director Pam Frieden, and volunteer Sandy Schneider.


CALL: (310) 559 – 0666


Thank you…

…of all the generous donations of food and supplies from our community:

•Debra Perry •Cat Edwards •Connie Carlsen Alex Abramson •Aimee McManass •Amy Levit •Lily Garoner •Hind Aineb •Kathy Johnson •Sally Chan •Ana Parkinson •Fred Puza •Suzanne Hickenlooper •Julie Wes

…a big shout out to Mike Bonin, Los Angeles Council member, for his generous donation …to the Culver City Women’s Club for donating handmade masks …to all Volunteers who pack & deliver meals …a very special thank you to Laurie Escalera who orchestrated so many volunteers and products for our seniors including many boxes of Dr. Bronner hand sanitizer …to Cecelia Boskin, Caroline Spurgeon, Meryl Needles and Julie West who are making Wellness Calls to our clients to check in on them and see if they have any food or basic supply needs
Allan Hall Culver Palms Meals on Wheels

Alan Hall

Board President

CPMOW is a small non‐profit, with a board of directors elected to support our mission. We currently have eight board members from a variety of backgrounds from the local community including educators, financial professionals, a former mayor of Culver City, and retired business managers. The one thing we have in common is our goal to feed and provide support for the home bound in need in the Culver Palms area.

I am a retired aerospace engineer and was elected President six months ago. While providing meals for our clients is the primary function of our staff and volunteers, fundraising is probably one of the more important functions of our board.

Complimenting the efforts of our donors, volunteers, Pam and her staff, all board members feel privileged to be able to continue the amazing work of CPMOW.


During these trying times we are partnering with the L.A. Regional Food Bank to provide, when available, extra shelf stable food items. Ideally, this food should be held as a reserve/safety net to provide a cushion in case of unforeseen circumstances such as an interruption of services or just a late delivery. Occasionally, snacks, cookies, other treats and non-food items are donated from businesses in our community as well as individual donors that hear about us on Nextdoor and our website. We will be happy to continue to pass on those extras as they come our way!


“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I’m 95 years old and stone deaf. Thank you so much for bringing me your food. It’s hard to believe but I used to deliver Meals on Wheels!”
Marilyn S.
“The food is as good as my food and I’m Italian!”
Sarah P.
“…ABRACADABRA, Culver Palms Meals on Wheels under these difficult and complicated circumstances comes up with plans along with commitment and passion to their mission and delivers not only necessities but other daily needs along with special treats…”
Jerry D.
“To CPMOW; This is what I see while sitting in my doorway awaiting your delivery:” LUNCH TIME As I open my front door to summer’s warmth Little brown and black wrens hop around on the ground In the sunlit grasses foraging for whatever food to be found Hovering just above them in the cool morning shadows Beneath my porch’s eaves a tiny wingless hummingbird darts quirkily Tiny purple flowers sprouting on the ends of long free flowing dark green stem call to it like language like nectar on a stick Every day at the same time looking gray and green through the screen door Seeing it speeding from stem to stem with the focus of 100 flaps per second Oblivious to the chatter and movement of the wrens Curiosity ponders Is it the coolness of the shade? Does nectar lose its scent in the hot sun? Or do hummingbirds wear watches?
Del Maximo
— Steve L. was “over the moon” when he received a Chinese food box with his meal. When he opened the box and discovered that it had chocolate candy inside, he was ecstatic!

Sandi B
— Sandy B. was so surprised and delighted when her cat “Treasure” received a toy from Meals on Wheels. She could not believe how thoughtful and kind the people at Meals on Wheels are.
Pamela Frieden, Executive Director

Pam Frieden

Executive Director

Hello everyone, Well…. We are still standing! Like all of you, I feel these past months have been one heck of a roller coaster ride, but through it all I have been so impressed by the humanity and the compassion shown by those living in our community. To the volunteers who stepped up and continue to give of their time, the corporations, foundations and individual donors who gave and continue to give from their heart to help our vulnerable seniors, I thank you all, and I am so grateful for each, and every one of you.


We were flooded by phone calls at the beginning of the pandemic and to be quite honest, a bit overwhelmed as we (my staff and I) had to completely re-think the program. Changing from hot meals to frozen meals, and even finding the last freezer in LA (thanks to our bookkeeper- Marylou) to store the meals, was an answer to one of many prayers. I am so grateful to the leadership of our board of directors as well, who stood by us and supported us in this pandemic as we needed to change all our protocols. Whatever we needed they were there in full support.


And here we are today, like I said, still standing. With a 40% increase in the number of seniors we serve, 5 additional routes, and the ability to help 52% of our clients who cannot afford meals, none of this would have been possible without everyone’s help. Thank you all for making sure no senior goes hungry.


And the future? Well like you, we are taking it one day at a time. Where this virus goes none of us knows, but I do know we will get through this. Eventually, we will be returning to a hot meal delivery. Our regular volunteers will return as well, and we will all be wiser and stronger for enduring this pandemic. But for now, stay the course, stay healthy and stay safe. We will see you soon!


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