Advice for Buying a Bigger Home for Retirement

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Image via Pexels

Pursuing your hobbies

Before you get too deep into looking for homes for your retirement, make a list of your hobbies or homesteading goals. When you know exactly what you plan to use your new home for, it will make it easier to narrow down houses that are right for your needs.

For example, if you’ve always wanted to garden but don’t have space in your current home, be sure to find a property with plenty of green space that you can transform. Look for homes that have a big enough yard available for your veggie patch, or perhaps a field or pasture if you’re interested in subsistence farming.

Or if you’ve always wanted your own woodworking studio, look for homes that have a garage or a shed that can be used as a workshop. If you’re moving to the country, a home with a barn would give you plenty of room to create a woodworker’s paradise.

Some retirees choose to start up a new business in retirement. This can be great if you enjoy being productive and want to earn a little cash on the side. If you’re planning to start a new venture, ensure your new house has enough room for an office so you can be efficient and organized in your new business.  

Hosting family

One of the many joys of retirement is spending more time with your family. Try to find a home that’s big enough to host your family for holidays or long weekends. Ensure you have at least a couple of extra bedrooms and big common areas so you can all get together for family events.

If you have grandchildren, consider ways to make your home more fun for kids. For example, if you plan to help with childcare, it could be useful to have a playroom to keep them entertained during their time with you. Having a backyard would allow your grandkids to play outside, and if you have enough space, consider getting a play structure for them to enjoy when it’s nice outside.

Be sure to find a house that has a large kitchen and dining room — hosting family usually involves plenty of cooking, so it’s important to have enough space to accommodate the extra servings of Thanksgiving dinner.

Home for Retirement
Home for Retirement

Image via Pexels

Purchasing a new home

Buying a new home can be a lengthy process, and it could be complicated if you’re selling your current home at the same time. However, selling your current home is a great way to help cover the costs of your new home.


Before you start looking for a new home, begin by researching home prices in your area. That way you can learn how much homes are selling for, which will give you an idea of how much you can make by selling your current home.


Homesteading can be a great way to spend your time but is much more fun if you have the space for it. Finding a bigger home will not only allow you to pursue your hobbies, but it will also give you plenty of space for having your family over for holidays. When you’re ready to start the process, check out home prices in your area to find out how much you can sell your current home for — it will come in handy when you’re ready to buy your new house.

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