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Harold, age 89, was a long-term client of Meals on Wheels. He started receiving meals many years ago when his wife was sick. After she passed away, he was having trouble managing his food, so he signed up for meals again. Mobility was a challenge for Harold. He suffered from arthritis and a muscle condition called myotonia that made it difficult to walk. He needed a walker to get around the house and didn’t get outside very much. Harold told us, “I couldn’t exist without it.” He said the food is good, the meals well-balanced and well prepared, and the volunteers are “great.” His grandson Oscar, who was his caregiver, said the meals provided some important continuity for his grandfather. Culver Palms Meals on Wheels was able to help him stay in the home that has been in his family for many years.  Sadly, Harold passed away in 2016.


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