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What is Adopt-a-Route?

It’s Culver Palms Meals on Wheels Corporate Volunteer Program, providing an effective way for companies, organizations, churches and groups to get involved in the community.

Why volunteer?

Doing good and giving back feels great for everyone involved. Employee volunteerism works because it improves performance, increases job satisfaction and morale, encourages teamwork and good communication across departments, builds brand awareness and strengthens consumer trust and loyalty. Organizations have also reported that employee volunteer programs have a strong impact on increasing community partnerships.

How many people from my organization need to sign up?

It’s best to have two or three people when delivering meals. A pool of 15 to 20 employees allows each employee to participate once every four or five weeks.

What time are meals  delivered?

Meals are delivered Monday thru Friday only. The meals are picked up at the CPMOW office by 11 a.m. A route takes about two hours to complete.

Where will we deliver meals?

We have nine routes here on the Westside. We deliver from Pico Blvd to LAX and from La Cienega to the ocean.

How many meals will we deliver?

Each route has an average of 10 to 15 stops.

How long is our commitment?

A commitment of once a week, for six months is desired.

How can my organization get involved?

Call Pam Frieden, Executive Director, (310) 559-0666 or email her at: mowculverpalms@gmail.com to get started with a volunteer commitment that works best for your group.

6 million Seniors in America face the threat of hunger.

Will you help to ensure that no senior living on the Westside of Los Angeles goes hungry?